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Exclusive Tour of Château de Chantore (Normandy), by Bernard Legal, owner

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Discover the story, interiors and garden of this unknown castle in Normandy.

This exclusive tour of Château de Chantore is guided by its owner, Bernard Legal.




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A very informative tour, especially in the park. Would love to take a promenade there! But the "tiny" castle is also lovely furnished, with taste and elegance. I was in Normandy few months ago. Such a pity I didn't have the chance to know this castle at this time!

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What a nice castle ! Loved the way the owner is passionated about his project. Especially when he presents his wonderful park! I can see that he has more knowledge and passion for the outside area then interiors. 

I would be so happy to spend a couple of nights there! Maybe one day.

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My dream! This is exactly the kind of project I'm looking for. A living castle, not too big, not too small, very elegant, with a huuuge park/garden. This one has - as a bonus - a view on Mont-Saint-Michel. A paradise. 

Thank you so much for sharing this kind of inspiring video and congrats to Monsieur Legal and his husband. You made a wonderful restoration.

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I must admit that I fell in love with this place. Simple, yet elegant, and the gardens are fantastic ...

What a nice project to maintain, restore and open to the public this kind of jewel.

Thank you for the tour M. Legal !

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I loved this tour! The interiors and the garden are amazing. Definitely a place that I will visit when I have the chance to return to France and Normandy. Thanks for the video.

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A lovely tour, full of interest which I enjoyed greatly.  However I am worried about the amount of Rhododendron ponticum.  In the UK this plant is regarded by government and foresters as extremely dangerous.  The pontic rhododendron acts as a host to phytophthora amorim which disease is fatal to several tree species, particularly sweet chestnut and commercial larch.We have a system of grant aid to enable landowners and gardeners to remove entirely these Rhododendron ponticum.  Of course the situation may be different in France

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