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  1. WATCH THE TEASER Château de Vaux is a castle located in Grand-Est Region, not far from the city of Troyes (2 hours East of Paris). Edouard Guyot bought this castle in 2015 when he was 21 years old! Since then, he puts all his energy to restore it. In this exclusive tour, Edouard shares with you the story, interiors, and exteriors of his castle and shows you the “behind the scene” of his ambitious project. Duration: 50 min approx. Language: French – ENGLISH subtitles
  2. Discover the story and interiors of the Château du Champ-de-Bataille (Normandy), through the eyes of its owner, Jacques Garcia. ⬇️ WATCH THE TEASER ⬇️ Introduction: Sylvain Moulène, general manager Grands Appartements: Jacques Garcia, owner Garden: François Prévost, head gardener
  3. In the heart of Burgundy, since 1997, a group of enthusiasts has been building a 13th century castle with the techniques and materials of the medieval period. An exclusive tour guided by Yohann Mateo Albaladejo.  
  4. Exclusive Tour of Château de La Ballue and its amazing garden, by Marie-Françoise Mathiot-Mathon, owner.
  5. Vianney d'Alançon, 34 years old, bought the Château de La Barben, located in Provence (South East of France), in 2019. He decided to restore it completely and to create "Rocher Mistral", a huge project of great shows and events in the outdoors, in order to promote the culture, values and heritage of the Provence region. In this episode, you will have the privilege of walking through the Château de La Barben, before the beginning of the restoration and before the opening (2020), guided by Frédéric de Lanouvelle, assistant general manager. At the end of the video, Frédéric will also present you this project of shows and events (already started now), called Rocher Mistral. A gigantic cultural project in which Vianney d'Alançon, the young owner, is investing 30 million euros.  
  6. Discover an original French Château, owned by the same family since 1786. A lot of restoration works already done and a lot more coming. You will discover its story, interiors (including the amazing and unique restored gallery) + a part of the castle which is not open to the public. This Exclusive Tour is guided by Stéphanie de Laffon, owner (with her husband, Géraud de Laffon)  
  7. Exclusive of Château de La Barben (South of France - Provence), by Frédéric de Lanouvelle
  8. An exclusive tour of a private and unknown French château, not open to visitors, located few kilometers away from Strasbourg, in Alsace. You will be guided by Marc Grouvel, the owner.    
  9. An exclusive tour of this very unique project aimed at recreating a 13th-century castle and its environment using period technique and material. To watch this Exclusive Tour + all others already available, you have to become a member. >> BECOME A MEMBER Already a member? You will receive an email notification as soon as this episode is released.
  10. Château de Chantilly: Discover the private apartments of the Duke and the Duchess of Aumale, guided by Mathieu Deldicque, Condé's Museum curator. Château de Chantilly is one of the most beautiful and famous castles in France, located 40kms away from Paris.
  11. Château de Roquetaillade is located in Gironde, in the South West of France (near the city of Bordeaux). This fortress has been completely restored and decorated by the French architect, Eugène-Viollet-le-Duc. During this exclusive visit led by Sébastien de Baritault (owner), you will discover the history and interiors of a particularly spectacular and richly decorated castle.  
  12. Discover the story, interiors and garden of this unknown castle in Normandy. This exclusive tour of Château de Chantore is guided by its owner, Bernard Legal. ⬇️ WATCH THE TEASER ⬇️  
  13. Château de Digoine is a very elegant 18th century chateau, located in the heart of Burgundy. ⬇️ WATCH THE TEASER ⬇️ It has been restored and fully furnished by the French art collector and TV producer, Jean-Louis Remilleux. During this Exclusive Tour, you will be guided by the owner himself. You will discover the history, interiors, garden and also the authentic tiny theater of this amazing French Château.
  14. In this episode we dive in the château of the famous French writer, Madame de Sévigné, well known for the (hundred of) letters she wrote to her daughter, comtesse de Grignan, who lived in this castle. Château de Grignan is located in Drôme provençale, 70kms away from the city of Avignon (with its famous bridge and Palace of the Popes). You will discover the story and interiors of one of the most visited castles in the South of France.    
  15. Discover the apartments of the Duke of Aumale in Château de Chantilly, located in the north of Paris (Oise department). An Exclusive Tour of these amazing private apartments, not open to the public (except for VIP visits), by Mathieu Deldicque, heritage curator in Condé Museum. To watch this Exclusive Tour (from December 19, 2021) and others already available, you need to have a valid subscription plan. >> BECOME A MEMBER Photos inside: (c) Sophie Lloyd
  16. Château de Roquetaillade is a fortress located in the South of France, near the city of Bordeaux, renovated during the 19th century by the architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc. An exclusive tour guided by the owner, Sébastien de Baritault. --- To watch this Exclusive Tour + all others already available, you have to become a member. >> BECOME A MEMBER Already a member? You will receive an email notification as soon as this episode is released.
  17. Trévarez is one of the latest castle built in France. With its unique mix of styles, its facade color and its eventful history, this Breton castle will surprise you... Become a member now to watch this episode and all others already available. >> BECOME A MEMBER Already a member? You will receive an email notification as soon as this episode is released.
  18. Discover one of the most amazing German Castle: Drachenburg. Walburga Schulte Wien, Head of Public, shares with you the History and interiors of this castle built in the 19th century. PREVIEW (audio off):    
  19. WATCH THE TEASER Discover one of the most important French Royal Palace: Château de Compiègne, through the eyes of its general heritage curator, Marc Desti.  
  20. Discover the story, interiors and garden of the chateau de Chantore, located in the Manche department (Normandy region), through the eyes of its owner, Bernard Legal.
  21. Olivier Schweizer (So Châteaux), with Marc Desti, general heritage curator of Château de Compiègne (OIse / Hauts-de-France)
  22. EXCLUSIVE TOUR OF VIANDEN CASTLE (Luxembourg) + LIVE Q&A with Josy Bassing, historian, and Jessica Ersfeld, Manager Discover the story and interiors of one of the 21 most beautiful castles of the world according to CNN: 𝐕𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐧 𝐂𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐥𝐞 (Luxembourg). Speaker: 𝐉𝐨𝐬𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠, art historian Video shooting & editing: So Châteaux - December 2020
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